Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Dentist

The Dentist
One hundred quintillion years ago there was man his name was martin luther king jr this was his first time going to the dentist.
He asked mom ‘’Mom I do not want to go to the dentist’.’ He was imagining that he was tasting blood when he removed his wisdom tooth so he was not excited at all. When he went to the dentist there was an obstacle course and he and his mom had to try and get to the otherside.
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5 hours later they had finished a quarter of the obstacle course.
‘’Can we go back home?’’ Martin luther king cried.
‘’NO’’! Mom said with a loud clear voice ‘’you have to get your wisdom tooth removed’’ Mom said.
‘’fineeee’’ martin luther king said with attitude. One minute later there was a clown holding a bunch of balloons. They could not see his face because the balloons were covering it.
He said with a smile ‘’do you want a balloon little boy?’.’
In a very creepy way he has showed his clown fish. Martin could hear their suffering and he could see stains on the fish tank.
Image result for happy clowns animated 4 kidsImage result for clown fish
A second later Martin said ‘’yes’’ so he went to the clown
‘’what’s your name mr?’’ he said.
‘’It, but you can call me pennywise the dancing clown’’ martin told him.
‘’ Can you help us find our way to the dentist?’’
‘’Sure’’ the clown commanded him “go this way and turn left then you will see door that says dentist and go inside the room and you will arrive to your destiny.’’ So he listened to what It said. Martin did exactly that and finally got the wisdom tooth removed so he was friendly after all and the dentist was too.

This story is for the yr 4 and 5. If they like the scary clown It. I made the story funny and scary at the same time and also included pictures to make the story more interesting. So I hope you enjoy it.  

Sunday, 1 October 2017




What are holidays? Well holidays is taking a break from school or from work. Holidays is that you can celebrate your favourite holiday like for example christmas it is a holiday that you celebrate santa claus. I will be naming 3 types of holidays for what they truly are.

Valentine's day
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On Valentine’s day we celebrate cupid. Valentine’s day is Celebrated on february the 14th. So if you do not know who cupid is he is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection well his job is making fall in love that is why they made a holiday for cupid called valentine's day. What do you do on valentine’s day? you are asking well you have to surprise a friend you like ask them if they want to be your valentine but you have to give them a card, a box of chocolate and shaped heart balloon.

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On Easter we celebrate the easter bunny.  Easter is a holiday Celebrated on the 1st of April. But that is the day he sacrifices himself for our sins if you want to know what you do on easter you scavenger hunts or a easter hunt that is what they do the parents hide the easter eggs but not the kids though and the kids have to try and find those easter eggs without anyone telling if you find one you have to put it in your basket. At the end of the game they all bring in there baskets they  count how many eggs they found whoever has the most wins and then they eat.

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On christmas we celebrate santa claus. The one the only christmas it is celebrated on 25th of December and one fun fact christmas is jesus christ birthday isn’t that amazing so what santa claus does on christmas is that on night time he secretly goes in the chimney and he puts presents under the christmas tree and then he goes through the chimney and goes back to the north pole. At the north pole that is where all his elves makes the toys and put them in a box and of they go also he has naughty and nice list so you wanna be in the nice list.

So far I already told you 3 holidays if you wanna know more holidays go search them up what was your favourite holiday? My favourite is christmas because it is so amazing when santa claus gives the presents and also the elves they are so hard working.


Maths holiday homework

  1. 22 X 2.5 =55
  2. 132 X 12 = 1584
  3. 34.9 + 32.3 = 6.72
  4. 0.05 + 0.3 = 0.35
  5. 13.1 X 8 = 104.8
  6. 12 - 8.3 = 7.1
  7. 23 - 21.01 = 44.01
  8. 843.984 what is the value of 4 in this number?millions
  9. How many in a baker’s dozen?13
  10. How many weeks in a year?52
  11. How many minutes in 4.5 hours? 270
  12. How many mm in 15cm?150mm
  13. How many cm in 25m?2500
  14. How many seconds in 5 minutes?300

Problem solving task
At 1:00pm, two planes leave one after the other, from Auckland airport.
One lands at Christchurch airport at 2:30pm and the other lands at Sydney airport at 2:30pm.
Does that mean that Christchurch and Sydney are both the same distance from Auckland?
If not, how long does the plane going to Sydney actually take?

3 hrs 45 minutes

Henry wants to make a rectangular chicken run at the back of the house.
He buys 12 metres of fencing wire.
What is the largest area run that he can make for his chickens?144

What if Henry has 60 metres of fencing?3600

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Reading Book review holiday homework

hello everybody this is my  book review about what I read during the holidays. The book I read was called Avengers Assemble villains files if you want to see clearly on this image please just click and you will see what i wrote. 

Inquiry holiday homework

Where do these dances from from - Bhangra, Naga, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi?
Which country does the sasa come from? samoa.
Which country does the Tango originate from?african and european.
Name 3 dances you would see if you were in South America?samba, rumba and cha cha.
Name 3 dances you would see if you were in the USA.Breakdance, Cakewalk and Charleston.
Where would you see a tau'olunga?pasifik
Which style of dance do dancers wear shoes with metal plates on the heels and toes?toes

In which dance will you see a pirouette?contemporary.

Friday, 29 September 2017

The day everything changed

The day everything changed
The day everything changed was when the animals and people starting to disappear, The burglars were not robbing banks and when the whole world was peace and quiet. So everyone were at their homes doing nothing no news reporter were reporting they just did nothing what is happening to this world we do not know what is happening but we are going to figure it out why our favourite planet turned into fun and happy to bored and sad.

So I went looking and then  I was the only one outside and everyone were inside even my parents and my siblings so it was kinda creepy outside. I went to every shop to see what is going on so I went inside and no one was inside so I grabbed some food and well I was eating the food I was thinking about where everyone went then a random dog came up to me and I went to find out what the dog name was when I checked the color a the named  was max so max and I went to find what happened.

We went to a facility and that was very creepy when we went inside there was a mad scientist named Dr franklin he was the one who changed everyone and he got all the animals max and I went to go and save the animals. Dr franklin freezed me but didn't freeze max max freed me we freeze the Dr and save all the animals and put everything back how it was.


The blessing of the new homes

Today on Friday 22nd of september 2017 Our Teacher Mrs raj took the Year sixes from room 8 to the new houses. Kau matua did a hymn and then did an opening karakia and then blessed the house after the karakia kau matua gave us a tour of the new homes it was awesome.

When we went inside the house it was already cool when i first went in the kitchen was amazing and the house was a two story house and they had three bedrooms and two bathrooms there bathrooms were also amazing and there were sixteen steps on the stairs and there was a huge backyard. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom on the top and 0ne bedroom also one bathroom on the bathroom we were only there for a little bit and went back out of the house.

After when we went back out of the house we went back to where were before at the starting and then we had kau matua to do a closing karakia and it was to bless the houses and everyone else. Finally we ate a little snack and then we had to walk all the way back to school.