Monday, 24 July 2017

water molecule

today room 8 made a water molecule out of marshmallows you need two toothpicks and 3 marshmallows then you make a mickey mouse which is H2O.  The pink marshmallows are hydrogen and the white marshmallow is oxygen.

chocolate science experiment

Today we have been learning about the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and the changes of matter. In this experiment we first melted the chocolate.
This meant that the chocolate changed from a solid to a liquid. Then we waited for the chocolate to cool. This meant that the chocolate changed from a liquid to a solid.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

sky tower facts

In Auckland New Zealand there is a sky scraper it is the tallest building in New Zealand and it is called
the sky tower now here are some facts about it

  1. you can jump off the sky tower if you are afraid of heights stay calm because there's a rope on your back that makes you not hit the floor.
  2. it has hotels and restaurants so you can stay at the sky tower because the sky tower has a hotel inside so you can sleep there and if you get hungry you can go to it's restaurant and you won't need to bring food ever again.
  3. The sky tower is a beautiful place to be in but what you can do in there you are asking you can have a birthday party there and invite your family and friends and they will party with and you will get a lot of presents.   

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Friday, 7 July 2017

WLJ, Day 1 Activity 2: Auckland tourism facts

Today I will be telling touring people about Auckland, but it will only be five facts about the city of Auckland.

  1. There are cultural things in Auckland. So when you go to Auckland city you will see a lot of cultural things and you can learn about how our ancestors got here in New Zealand.
  2. There is a beautiful beach called mission bay, but that is not the only beach in the city there is heaps of beaches that are lovely you can walk, swim and just chill and relax.
  3. Everyone knows that Auckland city is the most popular city in New Zealand and it also has beautiful towers. The tallest tower in Auckland city is called the Sky Tower so go and see those tall towers and go inside.
  4. Mountains. There are so many mountains here in Auckland. People go to mount eden to see the sunset and they bring out cameras and phones to take a photo of the sun going down. Its pretty cool so just go to mount eden and take photos of the sunset
  5. They have a fun Amusement park in Auckland. The Amusement park is called rainbows end that is where you have lots of fun and check out all the rides, but be careful there are some rides that might be spooky.  

WLJ Day 1, Activity 1: New Zealand facts

Today i'm going to blog three facts about New Zealand for the winter learning journey. If you don't know what the winter learning journey is it is blogging site that gives you activities  and you have blog about it.

  1. The Maori first arrived to New Zealand in the 1300s  because the were navigators and they were from hawaiki there is not that much information about it but they sailed to find an island and that was New Zealand.  
  2. Treaty of waitangi. I think in the 1800s  the british missionaries came to New Zealand to teach them how to speak english and teach them there abc's . The person who signed the treaty of waitangi was lieutenant governor William Hobson and other chiefs from the north islands.
  3. The war between the British and Maori. They had lots of fights. They had a fight with captain cook and the Maori lost because the Maori had spears and the British had guns.   

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Today room 8 made brownies for the last day of school and also because we were good in class so we made brownies and we are gonna watch a movie as well.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Matariki artwork

Today in room 8 we did a matariki artwork to explain what matariki is if you don't know what matariki is let me explain it is a new year celebrated in the month june it is gathering whanau and friends and rounding up food and plants that they have grew and animals they hunted was eels and birds they saved it until the big feast happens and it is about family history they talk about there ancetors of what they did back then that is what matariki is.